5 Months Until the Wedding – Gratitude

Feeling extra grateful for the fact that I get to marry this guy in 5 months. He works all day and then heads over to work on our house in then heads over to work on our house in the evening and when he finally comes home he still manages to shower me with love and appreciation. Can’t wait to move into the house he has built us on top of the very spot we got engaged! My best friend and partner until the end.

– Stolen from my Facebook page on March 14, 2018

This post was sparked by someone who requires gratification by putting other people down. I stood up for Dan that day like I have never stood up for anyone before. It had a big impact on me and just how much I really love him. I will fight for him until the end. I cannot wait to be his wife.


The Start of our Interior Finish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful Saturday morning here. It’s finally starting to feel like Spring and the 7 feet of snow in our front yard is melting. Dan has already left to go work on the house and I am slowly getting my butt out of bed.

The past couple weeks have been busy for us and the house. We have been making interior design choices and I love it!! We decided on a colour for our vinyl decking and even managed to choose out paint colours after some extensive comparisons. Dan’s twins wife (Meg, my MOH) and I went down to the Benjamin Moore store and brought home every sample book we could. We cut out all of the potential creamy whites and walked around the house comparing them in different lights. We ended up narrowing it down from several to just a few to one. Mayonnaise. But then the next morning I changed my mind. We are now painting the majority of our interior Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore. It’s the same colour as Meg’s house, but it’s the perfect cream. Twin life. We will be doing our bedroom and two bathrooms in Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. Dan has stolen the samples to give to our painter who starts priming on Tuesday!

Here are some drywall pictures from last week, the drywall has since been completed!

Master bedroom looking into ensuite (insert barn doors)

View of “eating area” and entrance to our back deck.

I love our vaulted ceiling! We will be putting white washed Fir or Cedar up there. I can’t remember what Dan said.

Other odds and ends are coming together as well. Our interior doors came in this week. We went with the Sadlebrook which is part of Masonite’s select line. It has a bit of a modern look, which we are going to try and tie into our farmhouse feel in a few ways. Dan just put the order in for our trim and has also been working hard at getting our exterior Cedar soffit up. He truly is the hardest worker. I can’t stress that enough.

More house updates to come!

March House Progress

March is here! March is and always will be a big month for us. Dan and his twin and I celebrate our March birthdays four days apart . We also met in March two years ago on Dan’s 29th birthday. This month is going to be full of decisions on the interior of our house, birthday celebrations and a road trip to Calgary as well.

The dry wall has been hung and is expected to be completed by the middle of March. Which means we have to get on choosing a paint colour and a style of trim very soon. We have chosen our interior doors and our exterior doors have been built and are sitting at my parents’ shop until we can install them! Surprisingly, the hardest choice thus far has been which vinyl decking colour to go with.

Last weekend Dan and I teamed up to stain a majority of our Cedar soffit. We stained them the same colour as our front door and French doors, but they look a tad darker because our doors our Fir. Dan sprayed the stain on in my dad’s spray booth and I rolled on the clear coat. This took most of the day, but we had a great little production line going.

I can officially say I’ve put in some manual labour. It was nerve wracking to be rolling on the clear finishing because I was squished into a small space with thousands of dollars worth of door packages within inches of a domino effect. Luckily there was no damage done. I’m excited to keep helping Dan with our interior and exterior finishing. He plans on installing the soffit this week while the drywallers finish up inside.

Here is a sneak peak of our front door which was manufactured at my parents’ shop. Yes, you guessed it, there will be a post dedicated to our doors!

On top of wedding planning and building the house our little Facebook business has taken off. I’ve had custom sign orders pouring in and by the end of February I was already booking into April. I’m also excited to be tackling a giant farmhouse clock made out of an electrical spool as well. My brother has been going to trades school at BCIT and wasn’t aware of Peony Pallet Co. He messaged me with all of these reclaimed wood business ideas and once I filled him on with what I’ve doing he was completely onboard. According to my dad, my brother’s wood workings skills aren’t that great – but that makes it look rustic right!? We will be having a business meeting when he’s home.

Everything is feeling a bit overwhelming and I’ve decided to give myself a bit of self love this month. I’ve started going to a chiropractor so I won’t be so grumpy from the pain, tension and stress my whole body as been feeling. I’m also lightening my hair next week, which always makes me feel better. Dan has been so busy for several months now, but still manages to come home and spend time to make me feel loved and appreciated, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without him. I can’t wait to move into the house so we can focus on the wedding and complete the rest of our build while actually living there. For now, it’s crazy chaos until we can take a road trip to Calgary to visit family at the end of the month.

6 Months Until I Do

In exactly six months at 3:00pm, I will be married to my best friend. In six months I might also share these posts with my fiancé. This is my take on the good, the bad and the ugly with six months to go of being a bride before I become a wife.

Dan and I have been together for about a year and a half and have been engaged for just over five months. He truly is my best friend and knowing that I get to wake up to his face every morning for the rest of my life is truly the biggest blessing I could ask for.

So far our engagement has consisted of planning and beginning the build of our house and we are still together so that’s a good sign. We are two very strong headed individuals and building this house has presented us with many opinionated challenges, but we have been learning to communicate and work through our disagreements which has only made our relationship stronger. There has been a lot of laughter as well which makes me love Dan more everyday. Sometimes we run around like we are 12 years old swiping our hands through the other person’s butt at the most unexpected times and yelling, “credit card! … Declined!” Before running away. Do this to your spouse and I swear it will bring happy laughs and smiles all day long, life is too short to be too serious all of the time.

Obviously with an engagement comes wedding planning. There has been some of that going on too.. mainly by me. I already have thoughts on what I would do differently next time, BUT there isn’t going to be a next time, so I can only pass on my thoughts to future brides.

If I could change anything so far it would be how we created our guest list. We should have taken our ideal guest number and divided it in half, allowing for each of us to invite a certain number. Things got a little out of hand with large families and large friend groups and we have ended up inviting almost 50 more people than we intended. It might not seem like a lot, but when it comes to all of the expenses for the dinner/ reception it is.

The wedding planning is where the ugly comes in. Maybe I sound like a bridezilla right now and I am sorry if I do. It has amazed me how some people automatically try to make our big day about their kids. We are having a child free reception and ceremony by choice and this has some people surprisingly shook. We want parents to take the night off to come and celebrate with us and enjoy themselves for one evening. I have had people tell me they will not attended unless they can bring their kids which really blows my mind. Even when I am a parent I will respect the requests of others at their events. We also only gave plus ones to our friends and family members who are married or in serious long term relationships, there has also been some complaining by people who aren’t even in relationships about this. I feel bad that I can’t make everyone happy, but we have a budget to work with. This has been the only ugly part so far.

The rest of the wedding planning has gone smoothly. The fun planning (but I’m sure very energy taxing planning) is all that’s left. Choosing floral, decorations, helping my bridesmaids find their dresses.. things I am actually looking forward to. I even picked up my wedding dress yesterday! It’s about 2 dress sizes too big and I should have clued in that I am not a size 4 when they were measuring me.

With our trip to Vegas down we are back to focusing on the house. We are about three weeks behind schedule, but March will be dedicated to a trip to Vancouver for our kitchen cabinets and a trip to Calgary for our birthdays. We are house boating on May long weekend and would like to be moved into the house before then. I’m looking forward to all of our plans and to continue to watch Dan build our beautiful house. These past 6 months have been so amazing, I can only imagine what the next 6 leading up to our wedding will consist of.

Vegas, Baby

Thursday the 8th has come and gone and we are home from Vegas and back to work. Last Thursday morning we got up early, left behind the 6 feet of snow in our front yard and headed to the Kelowna Airport with my parents for our mini vacay to Las Vegas.

We flew out of Kelowna and had a layover in Edmonton before catching our connecting flight to Vegas. I am thankful there was no delays, as Calgary experienced canceled and delayed flights all day. It was -19 in Edmonton but blue skies. We landed in Vegas around 7:00pm in about 12 degree weather.

This was my third trip to Vegas and Dan’s second. This was a more relaxed trip than in the past, there was no being put to bed at 7pm due to drinking all day on a rooftop pool in 45 degree weather. We spent the days walking and touring around, mixed with a few drinks by the pool and we spent the evenings weaving through the casinos down the strip to dodge the cold. I didn’t expect the temperature to drop so drastically at night. We didn’t come home with a jackpot of winnings, but we didn’t lose either. On our last night there we bet $3 on 12 at a roulette table and won $105 so that was a nice way to end the trip.

Saturday evening we attended Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano show at the Caesar’s Palace Colosseum. His performance was amazing and we had goose bumps the whole time. I’m very happy we got to attend his concert before his big retirement.

Sunday we decided to put our legs to work and we walked from our hotel all the way to Fremont Street. It was quite the adventure as we didn’t realize how sketchy part of the walk gets, but we didn’t run into any trouble. We walked past the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where Pawn Stars is filmed and made our way past many wedding chapels, including The Little White Chapel. We joked about getting hitched, but figured our real wedding wouldn’t feel as special.

The trip went by fast, but we missed our dogs and I was happy to crawl into my own bed on Monday night. I’m sure we will take in Vegas again in the future, but my next vacation will be somewhere on the ocean where I can sit my butt in the sand and do nothing for 2 weeks. It is back to working on the house for now. The drywall is currently being delivered and soon things will start coming together for finishing work on the inside of our house!

Windows and more Winter

Our windows have arrived and were installed this past week! Yay! Everything is coming together so nicely. Dan has been working at the house every night this week and extra hard this weekend. The past twenty-four hours has brought over a foot of snow and it’s still accumulating, so we are thankful for a roof and windows!

We decided to add a roof skirting (is that a proper term?) to divide up the levels of our house. It looks so good and we are even thinking of using tin instead of shingles to complete it. I love all of the dimensions our house has. It’s looking very custom.

Dan is currently working on installing the built in vacuum system and I am working on our side hustle; Peony Pallet Co. I have just finished up two custom orders and am busy working on more to try and sell. Here is a picture of one of the custom orders – yes that is a last name and no I do not know how to pronounce it!

We have a week and a half until we leave for Vegas and a lot of work to be done until then. I think we were hoping to have the dry wall crew in while we were gone, but we have run into some minor set backs that have put us about a week behind. It’s only a week and we have already come so far so fast that I will count my blessings.


50 Shades of White

There has been no time for the January blues this month. I have been too busy to notice the lack of sunshine these past few weeks and can’t believe January is coming to an end so soon. I have been staying busy at work and am starting to take on some new tasks there. My days off have been spent painting signs, wedding planning and making sure our current household doesn’t fall apart while Dan has been working so hard on our build.

This month we chose out our bathtubs for the main bathroom and our basement suite, we also chose our free standing bathtub and shower, along with the fixtures for our ensuite. The plumber and electrician have been doing their thing and so has the heating guy (I can’t get into detail about their things because I just know they give us power and water and a warm house.) We met with my dad who owns a custom wood window and door company and he helped us design a beautiful front door, double French doors and a single French door – all of which are currently in production. Our windows will be here on Wednesday and we should be at lock up in no time!

We have already been looking at paint samples and getting ideas for our kitchen. I am amazing by how many shades of white there are. Hopefully the dry walkers can do their thing while we are in Vegas next month, so we can get on painting ASAP!

I haven’t really touched on our wedding too much on this blog. Everything is pretty much booked that needs to be booked. Our caterer, officiate, MC, DJ, photographer, venue / venue supplies are all lined up. The only thing left to take care of is the dishes and linens and decorations. I’ve met with my florist (MOH and future sister in law, Meg) and we’ve been creating some really pretty ideas for bouquets and table settings. Most of our invites have been sent and I have started to discuss dresses with my bridesmaids. My dress should be here in 4-6 weeks and it’s all about the fun planning now.

We don’t have an office space so our coffee table is multifunctional right now. We are hoping to be moving in to the house in April, fingers crossed.

2018 Resolutions and SMART Goals

Happy 2018! What will be the busiest year for us has begun! As of today, we have 225 days until our wedding. We are still making progress on the house and will hopefully be at lock up in no time. While Dan has been busy working, I’ve been busy with some side projects and thinking about goals for this year.

Dan has started back framing the upstairs. The above photo is standing in our kitchen/ eating area looking through to the main bathroom, pantry, linen closet and all the way through to the spare bedrooms at the front of the house. To the right, you can see our stairs heading to the basement and just a peak to the opening where our front door will go.

I’m sure I am not the only person who has been seeing other people post about their New Year’s resolutions on some form of social media, and it has really had me thinking about myself and what I want to accomplish this year. I have never made a New Years’s resolution. I wasn’t even much about goal setting until March of 2016 when my boss handed me a copy of The Success Principals by Jack Canfield. My life has completely changed for the better. I am now a strong believer in the laws of attraction and I believe I have attracted a lot of goodness since changing my attitude towards my life’s outcome nearly two years ago. I have a book that I write down all of my SMART  (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) Goals in. I repeat the most important and detailed goals to myself while I’m in the shower and I often check back to my book a few times a year to see what I’ve achieved.

When I first started to do this I would tell myself every day in the shower that I would find a goal orientated partner and that I would build a house within two years and have two dogs. Within six months I had my first date with Dan, I had two dogs, got promoted at work and a year later began building my own house.

A current goal is to begin spreading awareness about the small business Dan and I plan on starting in our future garage. Until we have a garage to build tables and counter tops I am focusing on making and selling custom painted signs. I would like to make enough money to pay for our wedding photographer. We launched a Facebook page and I am painting up a storm.

I have decided I will set more goals when we move into the house, but if I had to come up with some small “New Year’s resolutions” I would probably try to drink more water, work on toning my arms for the wedding and spend more time with our dogs.

Whether you make New Year’s resolutions, set goals later in the year or are just happy with where you are at, I wish everyone the best in 2018!

If anyone actually reads this, check out our Facebook page! Peony Pallet Co.

That’s a Wrap – 2017

What a week it’s been. The hustle and bustle of the holidays will come to an end after tonight and we will be able to get back into a routine in the New Year!

Dan and I took a few days off from the house and from work over Christmas to spend time with both of our families. We had three turkey dinners in two days and a few other family dinners over the week. We spent time with Dan’s nieces and even managed to spend a couple evenings with my brother who is heading off to BCIT on January 1st for twelve weeks.

The Christmas decorations have been packed up and put away. Our tree lost all of its needles while trying to take the lights off… last time we ever get a Hemlock. Maybe we were too quick to take things down because we just received a late Christmas gift from my cousin’s wife. We truly did have an amazing first and only Christmas as an engaged couple.

2017 was a big year for us. We finished renovating and sold Dan’s tiny house, we got engaged and we started building our very own home. 2018 is going to be just as action packed while we complete our house and move in AND get married. The honeymoon is going to be a rewarding vacation. I can’t wait for what is to come.. more about that later.

Dan is currently out wrapping our house and later this afternoon we are heading out of town with some friends to ring in the new year!

See you in 2018!

Completing Christmas Goals

Well for the most part we reached our goal of having a roof on before Christmas. As of Friday the 22nd half of the roof has shingles! The rest will be completed after Christmas. There was a bit of a hold up with the major dump of snow we got on Thursday. Looks like we will be having a white Christmas after all!

Dan has been working none stop to get us to this point and everything is coming together so nicely. Last weekend he completed the timber frame for our front entrance. It’s going to look so grand once the exterior is fully completed. We are very happy with the timber design we chose. And once again, a big thanks to Dan’s dad for the help!

Prior to sheeting the roof this past week, this next picture was taken on December 15th. I wanted to point out the timber posts we used for our deck and the beautiful vault through our living room that transitions over the deck. One of my favourite pictures!

We are pretty much ready for Christmas. My brother is currently spraying the last clear coat on the sign we made for Dan’s older brother as a secret Santa gift and the rest of our gifts are wrapped and under the tree! Handmade gifts are my favourite because they tend to take a little more time and thought. Dan’s brother brews his own beer in Vancouver, so we decided to make a sign dedicated to his company, Superflux!

I am now done work for four days and am hoping I can convince Dan to take a couple days off from the house so that we can spend some time with family and friends before jumping back in to everything for the new year. Tonight we are heading to Mark and Meg’s for a formal Christmas party. We get to dress up and drink lots – cheers!